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Laws of Bridge - Suggestion

A couple of years ago the Swedish federation decided that a new set of rules for what systems and conventions you were allowed to play should be constructed. A committee was appointed but, and this is the important thing, the proposal the committee put together was presented to all our members at the official bulletin board of our federation. Numerous discussions and new proposals came to light and the final set of rules was quite different from the original proposal. And this final set was also of much higher quality. What had happened was that most of the best (bridge) brains of Sweden had put their wise heads together instead of just a committee. In every federation, especially in an intellectual sport as ours, there is bound to be a lot of very good brains, the trick is how to get them involved in the process of legislation
Discussion Forum

We could e.g. use the newsgroup for bridge, RGB, where there are many intelligent people regularly contributing their views. Another idea is to open up a bulletin board at the WBF site. This is my favourite since the moderator of such a site would have free hands to adjust it in whatever way he or she wanted to and we would keep all the discussions together.

On this bulletin board the moderator could start a so called discussion thread on every proposed change of the laws. A thread is a series of "posts" made by different persons, presented to the viewer in a way that means he or she can easily follow the discussion as it evolves. New threads could of course also be started by other people.

I believe this would be a great success, just as it was for us in Sweden, and would hugely enhance the quality of the revision of the laws

(Courtesy = Daniel Auby in Bulletin of European champioship